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Aces Wild Rhode Island Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Light Tackle Fishing Guides in Rhode Island for bass, blues, flounder & tautog

Join us on the light tackle charter boat Aces Wild fishing the waters of Rhode Island and sailing from Jim's Dock in Jerusalem.

We are in Business and Booking for 2015

Sailing from Point Judith pond, Aces Wild Rhode Island fishing charters are some of the best fishing trips you’ll experience in the Ocean state.  Whether the target is stripers, bluefish, flounder, tautog, or tuna you can expect an exciting time on the water.  We focus on light tackle fishing, as it is far more fun than using the broomstick style rods some conventional trolling only charter boats employ.  Our focus is to catch fish and have fun, and a fishing charter is a great family recreational activity during the summer months here in Rhode Island.  Kids especially love flounder fishing charters, since the action is fast and they can handle the fish. 
Rhode Island is blessed with many productive fishing areas including Block Island, the south shore, Narragansett Bay and Newport.  Bass and Bluefish  charters can be very exciting.  Stripers can get to be very large providing a challenging battle, and Bluefish are excellent fighters, giving a great acrobatic display by the boatside as you bring them in.   Block Island is a famous destination for striper fishing, many large bass are caught out there during the summer in Rhode Island.
In Rhode Island tautog is another excellent fighting fish that is also very delicious to eat.  During April, May, October, or November you should seriously consider a fishing charter for tautog, as a 10 pound tautog will give you every bit as good a fight as a 30lb bass, except the totaug doesn't give up as quickly as the striper.
Aces Wild Rhode Island fishing charters welcomes families, beginners, and experienced anglers alike.  We offer inshore and offshore excursions on the waters of Block Island Sound and Rhode Island Sound.
Located at Jim's Dock in Jerusalem, Rhode Island, a beautiful little marina which is also a restaurant with an outdoor dining area looking out on the Galilee channel, across from Pt. Judith.  Book a half day salt water fishing trip and have lunch at the restaurant when your charter is done.
We can handle parties of 6 on our Webber cove and up to 4 fisherman on the Aces Wild.  Or up to 10 if you charter both boats.

We are in business and booking for 2015.

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Block Island Bass

Nice Rhode Island Bass

Nice Block Island Striper

Our 6 person Charter Boat.

Last updated March 24th, 2015

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March 26, 2015.  The boat is going in the water on May 13th.

The Aces Wild is located at Jim's Dock, in Jerusalem, Rhode Island, just across the pond from the Galilee and Point Judith charter fleet.  It is a seasonal marina and restaurant and it is open from May to October 3.  Book your Rhode Island fishing charters early to ensure you get the desired date.  Come fish Block Island with us on an RI fishing charter.

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