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Striper Charter with 3 generations of the Walsh's onboard - 06/12/2018

On this day the weather was beautiful.  Nice and sunny, calm seas with very little wind.  Water temperature is still a bit cool, therefore, we're ...

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RI Striped Bass charter at southwest corner - 6/10/2018

The weather for this charter was incredible!  The seas were absolutely calm with not even a breeze.  After getting started a little later than us ...

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Striped Bass RI fishing Charter June 5, 2018

Aces Wild hit the waters off Galilee again today, 6/5/2018.  The water is still too cold, which is preventing the fish from fully migrating in.  ...

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Great time with Danny and his friends from New Jersey on a RI Fishing Charter off Galilee

Today we took Danny and his buddies from New Jersey out on a RI Fishing Charter off PT Judith.  The weather was perfect with calm seas.  An absol ...

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Fluke are in

Boat went into the water on May 3rd and we have been taking trips on and off since then.  We are trying to find the fish but the water has been too co ...

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Thinking of an RI Fishing Charter and it's snowing?

And here we are, it’s snowing outside today.  This is a one late winter.  I cannot recall a winter as late as this for striped bass fishing ...

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Looking forward to plenty of RI fishing charters in 2018!

Wow, it's been a long winter and an even longer spring!  Nonetheless, we've been working hard readying the boat for the upcoming 2018 RI fishing charter season and look forward to a new and exciting summer full of fishing charters!  The boat will be launching shortly and the fish will be arriving soon. 

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Four and Two

Another beautiful day on the water, a little chilly.  However, when the first 2 lines were dropped in the water and we start trolling………a minute later ...

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Rough Waters

Beautiful day but really rough water.  Check the photos.  That didn’t matter to the fish or fishermen  We had a great day, the fish were eve ...

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What a Whopper

Another great day on the water……………….this striper is a real whopper, 44 lbs.   Also did some bottom fishing  and caught about 16 seabass (ca ...

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