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Another Father-Son Duo

This is the third year we have had this team on our boat.  They have always been very successful and today was no different.  As you can see by t ...

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RI Fishing 2 Boat Charter

Today we had a 2 boat charter…Aces Wild and Adventure joined together for a group of 12 guys.  Headed for block island and made a stop on the rip.&nbs ...

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RI Fishing Charter on the Aces Wild

Had a great day with this father-son team.  We went to the north rip to start fishing.  Put out 1 parachute and 1 frame and started trolling.&nbs ...

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Another Day on the Southwest Corner

It is approximately an hour and a half out to the southwest corner……..but as you can see the stripers are larger.  Water was a little rough but the f ...

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Fishing the Southwest Corner

It’s a long trip out to the southwest corner but most of the time it is very well worth it, as you can see by the size of the bass. One of the guys can har ...

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Last Fishing Charter before Wedding

We had three anglers today, husband, wife and friend (who was getting married).  Went to north rip and not too successful.  Headed out to the sou ...

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Flounder Fishing the South Shore

RI flounder fishing on the south shore was very successful.

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7-28 003

7-28 006

Stripers on Aces Wild Charter

This past Saturday we met our customers at the dock at 5:30 and headed for Block Island.  Went to north rip and started trolling. The ladies were good ...

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Striper/Flounder on the Aces Wild.

This was one of those days that we seldom see.  Absolutely gorgeous and clear with very low humidity.  We had 2 couples on board this trip.  ...

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RI Striper Fishing Charter

Today dawned hazy, hot and humid.  Not too bad on the water where we headed out to the north rip at Block Island.  We started out with parachutes ...

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