Resources: Fishing Charters

Fishing is an excellent pastime for anyone needing to relax and de-stress from their job. It is also a great activity for families on vacation, something they can all enjoy together. In fact there are many outdoor sports and recreational activities that can provide entertainment and even health benefits to those who engage in them. In the Northeast we have several Gamefish species that can be targeted and provide an excellent fight and very good table fair.

    California Steelhead Fishing: Ken's knowledge and experience of the Sacramento River watershed's constantly changing levels and rhythms can mean the difference between a productive California steelhead fishing trip and a waste of valuable fishing time. View Website

      Oregon Salmon Fishing: The world's greatest fishing guides are forged in Oregon, home to the mightiest salmon runs on the west coast. Featuring top Oregon fishing guides who'll show you the best Oregon fishing has to offer. View Website

        Rhode Island Fishing Charters - RI Fishing Charters: You can trust Ogofishing to give you the value and fun your looking for on your charter fishing trip in RI. We specialize in light tackle shark fishing trips. View Website